<> <> <>  Crook Pawel, coffee corner, Leroy, Cieszyn  <> <> <> 7th August; the bandit has been kicked out from Leroy

now we heard today; certainly he will soon pop up somewhere else to pester and swindle - gone

<> <> <> Castorama staff psychos - <> <> <>


Norwegian right-wing SOCIALIST, Prime Minister Erna Solberg - this psycho is talking in her New Year's speech 2020, about "being open about emotion and feelings, - after first in her reign of destruction against families and children and divorced fathers (hundreds of divorced fathers have commited suicided being deprived the children in the abhorrend and deranged Nazi-stile family courts) - have deprived them real feelings. As the world know, Poland has given asylum to those victim on Internationa Human Rights crimes. What does Mrs Fatty PM say to that; - she says; "I am brushing off accustation against me, as dust on my jacket" Somebody might come and help you brushing off dust on your jacked, f......g DISGUSTING WOMAN!!

>< - This is the sadist-psychopath lawyer John Chr Elden, Oslo Norway; sharing confidential documents ion return for FAVOURS, - from former clients who have exposted his criminal activities. He also pays hitmen to kill former clients that he will stop from telling the real truth about him. Have a closer look at this sadist psycho - HERE - ><

>< Link - to a monster psycho Norwegian mother, torturing her own son and ex-husband, Eddy Jacobsen ><

Certain avarage symptoms;

1. always lying 2. smirking behind people backs 3: back-talkers 4: belitteling you in front of a third person 5 double signals 6 sarcasme (covered as jokes) 7 rumour spreaders CHILD-ABUSE; all of them are perverts; from pussy/dick grabbers, to the abnormity that is not possible to find reference to; predator animals are GENTLE in comparison.

Here are 2 ecamples of those heinous, preposterous and devious crime by psyhopath paedophiles. When torturing and murdering the little 5 year old Pascal, they FILMED IT, AND HAD GREAT FUN SEEING HIM AND HEARING HIS WAILNG SCREAMS, before death came to his rescue.


Murder attempt in city Ustron by this horrendous psychopath using his car as a weapon planning murder - police is of course already notified by Twitter, and immediately after Christmas being formally reported to police for this murder attempt


Woman police, Maria, asked me what it is like to know and expose such gruesome and grim child assaults and abuse.......I said to her, that if you know a surgeon, please ask him or her if they can CUT OUT the many memories that is never vanishing from my mind; pestering me day and night.

Child crime 2: Father, uncle, mother and friend, rape 8 year old boy. First the father, punching his dick into the screaming little boy; then the uncle, and his mother laughing and clapping her hands in JOY!! Then when they have emtptied thir sperm into the boy's anus, - they suffocate him with bare hands.



Petrified Norwegian Christoffer murdered by his psycho mother and psycho lover: (Except a police officer and an assistance teacher - (who was shocked to see the little boy so scared and molested in his face that he was hardly recognizable by his very own friends!!) - who tried to take action) - notbody cared!! - the police was paralyzed in the ROTTEN system, when he tried to stop the sickening use of the boy. BUT TOO LATE; he died; - at the hands of MONSTERS.

One press information of many


Massive head wounds and damages when police and medicals had arrived to see


SATANIC DICTATORSHIP J.W. - (Jehowa Witness) - are full of psychopaths......here is one grave example of callousness an inhumanity of the worst kind. Kate who are a J.W. recruiting agent from Wisla Poland - (Wisla and Malinka are full of them; so watch out; they are after your money and your soul; and destroying your familiy is a piece of cake for them) - was told about the horrific car accident in Denmark - (that is by most descibed as murder; as the driver was on his phone, and drove double speed in 50 zone) - where the young mother celebrating summer holiday in Denmark with her famili, was on here way home, with all four kids in the car, baby, daughter 5, daughter, 7 and boy 10, - when a road-killer drove right into her car when she was doing her left turn into her entrance, and her car exploded in flames, and all the kids, except the baby, died. . Kate made no comments being told this gruesome story. We wonder how she - as a claimed "Chrisitan" - (a Jehova Witness "christian", that is quite different from Christianity) - didn't have anything to say about this horrific death of those kids. SHOULD I CRY, she shouted out. Like Jesus would have said, we did! - GET AWAY FROM US SATAN! She was told, and she packed up and drove away. 3 kids burned to dead in this horrific accident, and the whole local community were in shock and grief. But not the "paious" LYING BITCH, who didn't even show a tiny bit of emotion for those; - but this is the PSYHOPATH. They DO NOT have any empathy or compassion for others than themselves and their money. - children; and their mother.

3 Austrailian children burned to dead in Denmark


Here is the psycho.

She can pray for SUNSHINE!!!!!!!

A lying bitch who repeatedly told about her father would not talk to her, and her mother who left them when she was 7, didn't do anything to contact her. "And she didn't know where she was either" EXPOSING HER LIES. SHE DID NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM, that has being given ORDER from Jehova Witness, since they were not Jehowa Witness. This is the same story that all victims of Jehowa Witness tell the world, who have managed to escape their SATANIC GRIP on them.

The 4th COMMANDMENT of "LOVE YOUR FATHER AND YOUR MOTHER" - has no interest for them, and blam God for having written such order to JESUS LOVING PEOPLE.

2 NURSE-STUDENT!! - throwing stones on demented elderly - it cannot get much worse than that!! They have great fun of adding more pain to elderly that they are supposed to protect, bu throwing stones on them! Just one of the hundres of spectrums psytchopaths' level of evilness.

Here; nice ladies. And the feminist world screaming how bad men are, - well those 2 monsters are not men!

Callous psyhopaths threw stones at elderly they should care for


Here is another woman PSYCHO BITCH - and her PSYCHO-friend - pissing and setting fire to homeless man's sleeping gears

Psycho bitch & friend, URINATED on homeless man's sleeping gears, then SET FIRE TO IT; he lost it all


Paedophiles murder of childeren - here are a few examples of those horrific SCUM's killings

And give me a good reason why they should not be hanged (when proven beyond doubt)


Jehova Witness - TERRORISTS - totally banned in Russia - read this!


Private undercover detective Eddy Jacobsen stopped a gunman's robbery from petrolstation, having been shooting in the area earlier in that evening - but police was not INTERESTED in arresting UNLESS Mr Jacobsen formally reporting him to police - that in spite of that several locals had already alarmed police about the shooting!!!


Can anybody imagine what hellish pain that little soul endured the last months of his life.............3 THREE adults with his mother in lead, assaulted this little soul for weeks with 50 phycial injuries before death enbraced him. - link

They should be hanged!!

Death penalty back


EVERYBODY KNEW, THE WHOLE WORLD KNEW - BUT NOT THE FUCKING NAZI CHILD SNATCHING PSYCHOPATH GOVERNMENTS AND THE DENIAL OF HORRENDOUS TORTURE OF THE HITLER KIDS, LIKE FRIDA IN SUPERGROUP - ABBA - (she was lucky; she was brought to Sweden in the nick of time, before police stood on her doorstep to snatch her too and bring her to THE TORTURE INSTITUTES, GAUSTAD ASYLUM - this woman, Ida, was not that lucky; she had her scull drilled hole in it, and destroyed for life - like thousands other - and guess what! MRS FATTY, PRESTEN NUTCASE PRIME MINISTER - DENIES TO GIVE HER COMPENSATION FOR HER DESTROYED LIFE: "Oh, .we didn't know that this torture was going on" barking that fucking UGLY creature. But everybody else know,

but not Mrs Fatty!! Erna Solberg. DISGUSTING CREATURE



Nazi criminal Danish Soeren Kam, is being denied extradited by German government for war crimes; as Danish government demands him extridited in order to bring him to justice in Denmark

War Criminal Soeren Kam



We are still witholding the name of this smirking psycho, running his scorning team in city Ustron. There is still investigatng going on in order to establish the facts of rumours before presentation; We are serious working undercover detectives, and prinsip is facts beyond doubt. (Rumors say he has a police history; but we cannot rely on rumours; but we have seen him in action; horrible slug!)