This single CD is done in order to collect money support for really poor children - destitute children - and the fund is now in running for registering world-wide......(this date; 21st of July 2019; release of CD is set to end of August this year)

The songs on this single CD for this project are; 1. Her loving gaze - 2; My message to you - (Anulla) 3; Goodnigth - (lullaby for Anna's baby boy)

At the end of the CD, all the 3 track - 4,5 and 6 are recorded as karakoke/sing-backs - (music only) - for those who want to sing for themselves...

< - - Have a look at the video of "Her Loving Gaze" - (karaoke-work/sing-bak musiconly) - - >

and - PIANO LESSON - from another of the songs on CD: "My message to you - Anulla"


-_-_-_- SUPPORTING THE BLIND -_-_-_-

Little 4 year old Mollie - 2021 - is blind and facing additional problems to her blindness, as - SOME - adults are cruel to her and tell her to stop pointing her white cane - that is only her eyes - everywhere

So we wrote a song about it, asking International media, radio stations etc to play the song, both in tribute to little Mollie, and by doing so focus on the situation for the blind world-wide.

90 % of all possible royalties shall go directly to those charities for the blind.