SAFFIE - angel

CRY – (cry Susanna, cry) (94)
Cry baby, cry
We are all crying along with you
Cry, Susanna, cry
Don’t apologize
You have the rights to cry

Evil has struck
A killing spree
The free

And we all know why
Everybody knows why

Angel Saffie
(Saffie Rose Roussos)
Monster allah came down from Hell and grabbed your life
**_** - She died in the arms of a stranger; crying
for mummy - **_**
Cry, Susanna, cry
Cry, baby, cry
Everybody cry

25th of May 2017

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Vilmar Eddy Hilberg-Jacobsen
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The last goodbye to an engel who danced and singing and counted down the days for seeing her favourite Grande at the concert, it is so heartbreaking for all of us others who are not relatives to Saffie