This is Warsawa crook Pawel, recruting agent for terrorist J.W. Jehova Witness, and member of mafia who hate police; oh he couldn't wait repeating exactly that; "Police treated me so badly in Warsawa, and I hate them" (why was police treating him badly??, well, our undercover mission found out): He is a real bastard and crook, who has this little coffe shop in Lerow in city Ciesyn in Poland, after having been removed from Leroy in Auchan, for some reason he DENIED to tell us.  When the name of this guy - detekty wrutkowski- our colleague mention for him, he is nearly shouting it out how much he hate him; detecteive Rutkowski; - why?? - Yes, we found out that too. (PS.: while mentioning the his big business the coffeeshop, have you people seen the circultation of the girls working there, - why?? Well he pay them close to nothin; and without concract, because if he gives them contract, then the girls can claim the lowest payment due to Polish law) Crook on that level too. He boasted about having several properties round Poland, big field outside Warsawa; house outside Bielsko, etc. And he told us in a disgusting way how he was trying to snatch the interhitence properties from the families of his new wife..(of course he was married before; crooks are usually jumping marriages. This abhorren bastard thought he could befriend Mr. Eddy Jacobsen, with all kinds of promises; listen to what he did to him. I HAVE DESTROYED IT. It was a CD with important evidence of refurbished car parts, sold for full price by a car company. So he crook on that level too; made an conveinent call to the car company, making a deal. We got him after few days at first meeting, when he in a disgusting way told about how fat the mother of his wife is. She is so fat that you cannot believe it, ha, ha, ha,ha - roaring with laughter and giggling.

On this image you can see  him - (look at his body language!! Criminal's typical walking, shoulders out and arms down, ready to fight) - he shouted to the information desk that "Get that man out from here, call the police and get him out from here" Why?? Well he was asked to give back stolen goods; The important CD with important material on. Oooooops, why would he tell Leroy staff to call police, when police is the institution he really hates, he says.

"Yes, I did, I dressed them both naked, and I beat them thoroughly on their butts with my stick", he said once about his children who had lied to him about something.  That really blew us off the earth. And we had different thoughts about that kind of ABHORENT action against small children. But at is up to his ENEMIES to think about, the police.


Good advice folks; stay away from his alluring "friend-making" - and if we were you; we wouldn't think of buying any coffee from his device in the corner. You'll never know what he may put into it; he boasted about that too; having contact with "chemical suplyers"

Conclusion; this gay is utterly mad and dangerous. He is a compulsive liaer; as you can here on the undercover audio; (link here; - Psycho_Pawel_Leroy - "But we were alon in Vienna hotel" -even didn't turn up to collect the CD, as was arranged of a set time for delivering; - (cumpulsive liear; and psychoapth; as he is lying right into the face of the present person who confronts him. Sending postcard from Sweden to him; asking for address; quoting; "No I cannot receive anything to my address, so I must give you another address" - why??  Simply, crooks alway hide something or themselves. And he thought he was soooooooo clever, fixing that and that, no problem - he didn't even sense that he was under undercover survailence!!!