_-_ This page is not only for making digits and wordy animation fun; - but a plan in the running for selling Castorama producst to Scandinavia - in case the gossipers low_IQ_ones still have some breath left to howle abuse to genuine customers....._-_

Fun here.........:

Product plan will be here

Evil has struck Anna's heart, but Jesus will throw it out...

Got an email from her what she calls her lawyer - it is an old man in Pope John Paul's city, Wadowice, with Alzheimer his colleagues think,- where "her" message to me, Eddy Jacobsen, is;

Stop this crap or I report you to police - that is really good!! Just remember to bring with you all beautiful warm-hearted messages, letters, emails, photos.... to me......I am looking very much forward to - at last - get verified who is setting you up against me. There are GREAT medicine for such abhorrent, satanic scum bags.

PS. I got an email from psycho - the confidential correspondance circulator; Dawid Mandry - some time back, and the first line is; "We are so shocked over Anna's behaviours those days.....and ......and......and........ If I told you the rest of it, you would spit on him, smack his face in, or worse.......but I will spare you.....even if what he says is true; I don't care because I know your heart and mind........Rember I asked you how your beloved father died; I did that to see your genuinity of your soul - (remember I am a specialist in detection child-abuse; and we have our means to find out) - and my question made your body a sharp twist......... Only truth can create such reaction. Genuine.

PS. Here is what idiot DM commented on your father when we were talking about your loss of you dad you loved a lot, he said; "Oh, that is a long time ago" Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - missing and craving for the loss of a loved one HAS NO TIME.

It is endless. (But I have heard that IDIOTIC comment from others too)

Thank you. Again; chase EVIL PERSONS out of your life,

Thank you - have very nice day....eddy

Congrats on Jesus' Day today; 3th of June 2021 - The Last Supper tribute to Corpus Cristi